Your Venture Starts
With Your Story.

About Raiz Capital

Raising capital, isn’t just about the money. In-fact money is often the least interesting aspect of helping your company grow. Every investor has money but growing your company faster is about investors that add value to your company beyond the money. We do this by focusing on three things:

Culture – Amazing people and amazing teams
Cash Flow – If you understand the financials you can grow faster
Capital – Understanding how capital (venture, debt, equity) work together was founded by Greg Raiz with the goal of funding 1000 entrepreneurs that improve the human experience. Greg is a leader, speaker, and innovator. “The thing that fuels me is the desire to make things that improves people’s lives.”

Greg is a former founder, CEO, a four-time Inc. 5000 winner, and national leader in developing and designing technology applications. He’s won numerous awards for innovation and excellence. In 2017 Greg sold his business and started investing in startups. He went on to personally fund over 50 ventures before joining Techstars Boston as a managing director.

Greg’s technical background and customer-centric approach have led him to speak to thousands of executives and technology leaders on the topics of innovation, mobile, Crypto, AI, VR, and the future of tech.

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Our goal is to help founders improve the human experience.

Is my company a good fit for

We are looking for founders that have four core attributes.

  1. Passion and Drive.
  2. Big vision for how they want to change the world.
  3. Ability to sell (team member on the vision, customers on the product)
  4. Intellectual curiosity and honesty