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What makes us different

Raising capital is about more than just money; it's about finding investors who can add value to your company through culture, cash flow, and capital expertise. Greg Raiz, the founder of, is dedicated to funding 1,000 entrepreneurs who aim to improve the human experience. A former founder, CEO, and four-time Inc. 5000 winner, Greg has an impressive background in technology and innovation. After selling his business in 2017, he funded over 50 startups before becoming a managing director at Techstars Boston. Greg's technical knowledge and customer-focused mindset make him a sought-after speaker on innovation and the future of technology.


How we help founders


Culture helps startups attract the best talent but if you don't pay attention it can also cause startup failure. By focusing on culture we help founders set the foundation for long-term growth.

Cash Flow

Cash flow is essential for growth, by understanding it you can enable your company to utilize resources more effectively and grow your company faster, with or without external financing.


Customer funded growth is the ultimate startup growth hack. Happy customers bringing in new customers lowers your customer acquisition costs while increasing lifetime value.


Capital isn't limited to venture. Founders need to understand the financial tools from debt, equity, SAFE's, and Convertible Notes. We help you understand and use a multitude of capital tools.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help founders improve the human experience.
Building companies is hard and we try to give founders
every long-term advantage.

Gregory Raiz

(Founder of Raiz Capital)

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What we're looking for

We are looking for founders that have four core attributes.

Passion and Drive


Big vision impact on the world


Ability to sell (vision & product)


Intellectual curiosity and honesty

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